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    1. Role of MSL P1

    2. Role of MSL P2

    3. CMSL Certificate Program Content

    1. Scientific Detailing P1 Objectives and Agenda

    2. Scientific Detailing P2 Importance of scientific detailing

    3. Scientific Detailing P3 Abstract and Introduction of Clinical Trial

    4. Scientific Detailing P4 Desgin - Bliniding & inclusion criteria of Clinical Trial

    5. Scientific Detailing P5 Design Endpoints of Clinical Trial

    6. Scientific Detailing P5 P-value, CI and Results of Clinical Trial

    7. Scientific Detailing P6 Results of Clinical Trial

    8. Scientific Detailing P7 Scientific Call structure

    9. Scientific Detailing P8 Departments of Pharma company

    1. Certificate

3 Hours webinar

  • Free
  • 6 hours of video content
  • Basics of Clinical trial interpretation
  • How to create a scientific dialogue with HCPs
  • Role of MSL in Medical Affairs

MSL Certificate Program

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Program Benefits:  

  1. 25 Hours of ONLINE Live interactive sessions.
  2. 1 to 1 graduation discussion session.
  3. Free Access to MSL Mentorship program (Monthly development sessions).
  4. Free Support before MSL Assessment (1 to 1 coaching session).
  5. Access to Public speaking Mini course (4 hours course).
  6. Access to Records for 1 year.

Program Content: 

  1. Understand MSL Role and required Competencies.
  2. Answering common interview questions.
  3. Critically appraise Clinical trial. + (Mock Assessment).
  4. Create medical strategy and implement different medical activities during the product life cycle.
  5. Create KOL list and How to Effectively engage with them.
  6. Understand Clinical trial terminologies.
  7. Professionally present each section of clinical trial + (Clinical trial template).
  8. Interpret Guidelines and Respond to Medical inquiry.
  9. Understand different types and objective of Post marketing studies.
  10. How to manage Advisory boards and Key challenges to overcome.
  11. Role of MSL in Risk Management and Safety education to HCPs.

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